Crime Taxes Technology

Crime Fighting is Getting High-Tech


Law enforcement is investing in the next generation of police gadgets to prevent law enforcement from being in danger. These new technologies, such as robotics and artificial intelligence, will hopefully get law enforcement out of the line of fire and not only protect their lives, but the lives of the public as well. Some of the new technologies include a gunshot detection system, GPS-enabled darts that shoot out of police cruisers and track vehicles, and drones that provide aerial views during situations. Captain Jack Ewell, of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, states:

We have been using technology and robotics for years, but the technology improves almost on a daily basis, so we use it more now than we ever have before. The robots are better; they function better; they do more things that they couldn’t do in the past. The costs have actually come down, and they’re indispensable.

One of the technologies that are being used at law enforcement stations is software that helps police file reports, while storing and studying statistics. This software reportedly saved over 250,000 man hours for law enforcement in Washington D.C., where it is already in use.

These technologies will hopefully save more lives and reduce the overall costs for law enforcement, which will benefit everyone.

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