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California will stop Suspending Licenses for Unpaid Traffic Fines


A new policy signed two weeks ago by Governor Jerry Brown will prevent Californian’s from having their driver’s licenses suspended because of unpaid traffic fines and fees. Governor Brown stated,

Often, the primary consequence of a driver’s license suspension is the inability to legally drive to work or take one’s children to school.

According to data from the California Department of Motor Vehicles, almost 488,000 people had their driver’s licenses suspended in March for unpaid traffic tickets or for missing court appearances. The new policy should go into effect this month, but it will not apply retroactively to people whose licenses are already suspended for failing to pay fines. Courts will still be able to suspend licenses for other infractions such as failing to appear in court. There is also a bill going through the Legislature that would allow low-income people who cannot afford their traffic tickets to have their fines lowered or substitute them with community service if a judge agrees. Hopefully these new policies help out the low-income families that could really use this sort of financial alleviation.

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