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Apple Bought the ‘Fitbit’ of Sleep to Track Night Time Sleeping


Earlier this month, Apple purchased Beddit, a Finnish sleep tracking firm, to acquire its sleep tracking technology that is being called the “Fitbit” of sleep tracking. According to The Guardian,

… [The] Beddit sleep tracker consists of a 1.5mm thick strip of sensors that are placed on [top] of the mattress and connected to a wall outlet for power.

Beddit was created in 2007 and its latest model is the Beddit 3 Sleep Monitor that sells for $149.95. The Beddit 3 sleep sensor is used with Beddit’s app, which is available for Android and Apple phones. The Beddit 3 is able to track a person’s sleep time, heart rate, breathing rate, and quality of sleep. It can also act as an alarm clock and has the ability to wake a person up during their lightest sleep phase. Apple had been trying to improve in the area of night-time tracking and analytics and this acquisition greatly improved Apple’s technological abilities. Getting the proper amount of sleep is very important for people’s health and technology can definitely help with the sleeping.

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