Fear Playstation

Playstation Builds a Machine That Measures Your Fear

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To promote the launch of scary videogame Until Dawn in Spain, Playstation built a machine that “measures” players’ fear. They tracked participants’ heart and respiratory rate, blood pressure, body heat balance, eye movement and pupil dilation, creating a reading on a “fear index” calculated in a one to five scale. You can see the test

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Medical marijuana dispensaries in Northern California are offering up to $200 in free marijuana per individual for the next week. According to the Los Angeles Times, “Patients eligible for the free products must have a prescription and home addresses in Cobb, Kelseyville, Middletown or Hidden Valley Lake — among the hardest hit communities over the

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In an article by Paul Rogers, San Jose Mercury News, “A San Francisco company that builds air pollution sensors announced a deal Monday to put its equipment on Google’s Street View cars — the vehicles that drive all over the world photographing detailed images of roads and buildings. Starting in the Bay Area, the Central

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He’s the first undocumented immigrant at Cal State Long Beach to serve as student body president, and now Jose Salazar is leading another campaign, this one to rewrite the rules so that undocumented students who are elected to executive leadership slots can be paid. Salazar on Tuesday told the Board of Control for Associated Students,

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ob seekers can often find themselves in a variety of situations: “Some might not be in a position to work a full-time job. Others may not have college degrees or great interview skills. A freelancer might just want to pick up one or two extra shifts on the weekends. Whatever the scenario, the desire for the dignity

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Housing Latinos

UCLA Anderson Forecast Senior Economist Jerry Nickelsburg wrote in his forecast that government agencies need to reconsider their policies surrounding affordable housing if they hope to make a dent in the problem. “The economics are clear,” he wrote. “When affordable housing is provided, say by requiring developers to have a fixed percentage of their new

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