14-Year Old African American Female Behind: @KoolKidsKlanKKK Account

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In Baltimore a 14-year old African American female was charged for sending a threatening tweet that read: “We’re planning to attack tomorrow” to Arundel High School.   According to CBS Baltimore, “authorities interviewed the girl while she was with her parents, and police say she admitted to creating the Twitter account and sending the threatening

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Controversial Immigration Latinos

In a report by the Associated Press, the Obama administration has revoked the long standing practice known as “wet foot, dry foot” where any Cuban who makes it to the United States soil are allowed to stay and after one year can be given legal residency. This Cuban immigration policy has been revoked immediately. Since

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Election Policy Washington

Every 10 years, lawmakers (with the exception of a few states) get to draw legislative and congressional lines – the very lines that elect state and congressional lawmakers. As of today, Republicans control 69 of 99 state legislative chambers and controlling these bodies of government means they have the keys to controlling how congressional and

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Controversial Crime Policy

A PC Ransomware was placed on computers which control San Francisco’s light rail and Muni system. The hackers demanded $70,000 in Bitcoin to release the system.  According to reports: In a statement in broken, seemingly machine-translated English, cryptom27@yandex.com wrote, “we don’t attention to interview and propagate news ! our software working completely automatically and we

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Controversial Election Washington

The Daily Mail is reporting that days before election night, Bill and Hillary were screaming at each other over who to blame for her declining poll numbers. “’I was with Bill in Little Rock when he had this shouting match with Hillary on the phone and she accused Comey for reviving the investigation into her

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Controversial Education Election Family Policy

The Trump shock has taken a new twist that has not place in our classroom, San Francisco teachers are being offered a lesson plan for their students that calls “President-elect Donald Trump a racist, sexist man who became president ‘by pandering to a huge racist and sexist base.’” What is more “the union that represents

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