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Special Opinion Editorial: Responsible Hunting Helps Save Lions

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Don Giottonini, president of the Sacramento chapter of the Safari Club International, has provided one of the best and direct responses to the animal rights community on the role that responsible and regulated hunting plays in protecting wildlife conservancies  and the re-introduction of species in Africa. This is a direct response to Jennifer Fearing, lobbyist

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Agriculture Controversial Drought Economy Natural Disaster

In a report by the University of California at Davis noted that the total economic impact to farmers and those who depend on agriculture jobs will see a total loss of $2.7 billion this year and more than 21,000 jobs have been eliminated in 2015. Read Summary and Report Here

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After the Assembly Health Committee in the California state legislature failed to garner the necessary votes, a group of Democratic lawmakers introduced a new bill with the same language (AB X2-15) that would allow doctors to prescribe lethal drugs to terminally ill patients. Should this second attempt fail, advocates for assisted suicide have vowed to

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Controversial Education Election Humor Lifestyle Washington

Politico’s Jack Shafer analyzes Donald Trump’s vocabulary during the latest Fox News presidential forum and noted that, “He prefers to link short, blocky words into other short, blocky words to create short, blocky sentences that he then stacks into short, blocky paragraphs.” Applying the Flesh-Kincaid grade-level test, that put him at a 4th grade reading

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Controversial Election Immigration Latinos Washington

Donald Trump became the first Republican presidential candidate to unveil his immigration plan this past weekend.  The plan including having Mexicans build a wall to keep themselves out, ending the constitutional provisions of birth right citizenship, and deporting 10-11 million people. Not to be outdone, Wisconsin Governor and presidential candidate, Scott Walker said, his immigration

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Election Global Warming

Turnaround is fair game. Two weeks after Governor Jerry Brown prodded the Republican presidential candidates on climate change, this past weekend he got prodded over his response to the drought. California Gov. Jerry Brown is not running for president–yet, anyway–but he came under fire from three Republican presidential candidates in Nevada on Saturday, as they

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