Even Mobile Homes are Getting too Expensive in Silicon Valley

Economy Housing

As Silicon Valley continues to thrive economically, its residents are starting to feel the pain of the rising amount of rent that they have to pay in order to remain in the area. Even mobile homes are starting to get too expensive for the residents and many of them happen to be older residents. One

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Controversial Economy Taxes

According to a national study by Pew Charitable Trusts, California does a horrible job of tracking the impact of the tax breaks and credits that it provides each year to businesses. Pew Charitable Trusts is a non-partisan, independent, non-governmental organization that was founded in 1948. Pew Charitable Trusts ranked California among the lowest 23 states

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There are more than 3,500 mosquito species in the world, but only a couple of species are actually harmful to our health. For instance, the Aedes aegypti spreads yellow fever and the Zika virus, while the Anopheles gambiae spreads malaria. In 2015, an estimated 429,000 people were killed by malaria around the world. What if

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According to a report by the California Association of Realtors (CAR), which is based in Los Angeles, only 32 percent of California households could afford to buy a median-priced home in the first quarter of this year. The report has the median-price of a home at $496,620 and this is the 16th consecutive quarter that

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Controversial Education Taxes

There is a new scandal involving the University of California and its state audit. The audit had revealed that there is $175 million in secret reserves in UC President Janet Napolitano’s office that was not disclosed to the public or the governing Board of Regents. The new scandal involves interference in the audit by the

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A proposed new legislation would create a powerful new job called the county executive of Los Angeles that will apparently solve an issue that people running for office have; not having enough higher offices to run for. The bill would also expand the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors from five members to seven. Apparently,

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