Beware of Cholo Babies – CA Puts Infants on Gang List

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In 2003, California began establishing a database called CalGang, in an effort to help law enforcement agencies. The database was used to support enhanced sentencing in court and gang injunctions. The problems grew with the database as they added juveniles. An audit by the State Auditor, Elaine M. Howle found that 42 individuals in the CalGang database were

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Drought Natural Disaster Policy

Lois Henry, with the Bakersfield Californian, has a story on now this past week millions of Californians nearly had their water shut off because a federal agency ran out of water. “The Federal Bureau of Reclamation ran out of water in the San Luis Reservoir and sent shutoff alerts (giving three days notice) to 26

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Patrick McGreevy, Los Angeles Times, wrote that, “a chance meeting with the governor of Colorado has left California Senate leader Kevin de León  (D-Los Angeles) with concerns about an initiative that would legalize the recreational use of marijuana in this state, he said Wednesday.” “I’m not there yet,” De León told reporters when asked his position

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Family Food and Drink Lifestyle

There is an interesting story by Daniel Johnson, Daily Telegraph, which cites Stephen Dubner, co-author of the best selling book, Freakonomics, which suggests that the McDouble “packs a better nutritional punch for the penny” than is often assumed. The double cheeseburger provides 390 calories, 23 grams of protein – half a daily serving – seven

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Controversial Health Health Care World News

David Biller, Bloomberg, reports that, “The five hospitals recommended by Rio de Janeiro for Olympic tourists are so full that some have been forced to leave patients on gurneys in hallways, according to a report from the local medical council.” What is going on in Rio? The Olympics are set to begin in a few

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Elliott Almond, Bay Area News Group, reports that Mexican soccer fans were told to stop their homophobic chants Thursday on the day Copa America Centenary officials announced the quarterfinal game in the Bay Area between Chile and Mexico. The announcement came on the heels of Mexico’s fans chanting the slur during a game a day

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