The California Dream Is Dead For So Many

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Children born in California have a less than 50% change of making more than their parent did at 30 years of age. As Matt Levin, CalMatters notes, part of the problem stems from the continued economic inequality, where a smaller percentage of the population is making  a bigger amount of money. “What we’re seeing on

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Gas prices are set to rise once again as refineries throughout the United States begin producing cleaner burning and more expensive spring and summer blend fuel – California government officials have imposed its own higher quality standard. Mark Glover, Sacramento Bee, writes” Across the nation, GasBuddy predicted that gasoline prices will rise between 35 and

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Michael Benjamin, division chief at the California Air Resources Board states that gas powered gardening equipment produce more pollution than all the cars in California. The reason for this dramatic shift is the regulations on car exhaust over the past decade. KQED reports: According to state air quality officials, those machines are some of the biggest

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Controversial Crime Immigration Latinos

According to Joel Rubin, Los Angeles Times: Federal officials on Monday released details about an immigration sweep in Los Angeles and surrounding counties last week that resulted in the arrest of 161 people living in the country illegally. In response to the protests and panic in immigrant communities that erupted as word spread of U.S. Immigration

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In Baltimore a 14-year old African American female was charged for sending a threatening tweet that read: “We’re planning to attack tomorrow” to Arundel High School.   According to CBS Baltimore, “authorities interviewed the girl while she was with her parents, and police say she admitted to creating the Twitter account and sending the threatening

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Controversial Immigration Latinos

In a report by the Associated Press, the Obama administration has revoked the long standing practice known as “wet foot, dry foot” where any Cuban who makes it to the United States soil are allowed to stay and after one year can be given legal residency. This Cuban immigration policy has been revoked immediately. Since

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