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The More Rice Infants Eat, the Higher Their Arsenic Levels, Study Finds

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The more rice products they consume, the more infants are at risk of developing increased levels of arsenic, according to a new study published today in the Journal of the American Medical Association Pediatrics. The study examined the dietary data on 759 infants, and researchers found that 80 percent of them were introduced to rice

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Candidates will seek to win delegates in each state’s contest to capture their party’s nomination for the presidency. Delegate totals are from The Associated Press. Read more to learn about how election results work. 7 weeks to go

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California State Senator Ben Hueso, a San Diego Democrat whose family has ties to the taxi industry (father and brother own a taxi company) has been submitting legislation, after legislation making it difficult for Uber and Lyft to operate in California. A California Senate on Tuesday blocked Hueso’s legislation aimed at preventing ride-hailing services Uber

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Controversial Crime Policy

A California bill prompted in part by prosecutors’ difficulty in pursuing sexual assault charges against Bill Cosby cleared its first legislative hurdle Tuesday, when it passed a committee that previously had rejected efforts to allow prosecutions for crimes that victims say happened long ago. The bill would eliminate the state’s 10-year statute of limitations on

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It’s not about the pay, it’s about the union paying members. Few progressive causes have enjoyed as much recent success as the campaign to raise pay for the working poor. Most large cities in California have raised their minimum wage over the last several years, culminating in Gov. Jerry Brown’s signing the nation’s first statewide

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Crime Terrorist

The Brussels suicide bombers included two Belgium-born brothers with a violent criminal past and suspected links to plotters of the Islamic State’s Paris attacks last November, the authorities said on Wednesday, raising new alarms about Europe’s leaky defenses against a militant organization that has terrorized two European capitals with seeming impunity. One of the brothers

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