3% of Americans Own 50% of the Guns in America

Crime Gun Policy

In a recent Harvard-Northeastern survey of gun owners, they found that 78% of American adults don’t own any guns, while 19% legally own 50% of guns and another 3% also legally own the other 50%, is there really a gun epidemic? With just 22% of Americans legally owning all the guns in the United States,

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Agriculture Economy Global Warming Policy Technology

Governor Jerry Brown, signed legislation this week which for the first time will regulation and monitor cow flatulence and use technology to reduce global warming. The bill was introduced by a Los Angeles State Senator Ricardo Lara, whose district doesn’t seem to have any dairy cows or other forms of cattle, except for some local

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Controversial Crime Policy

We at the Latino Report are shaking our heads this morning as another round of protests takes over Charlotte, North Carolina, where an African-American officer, shot and killed an African-American person who was holding a gun and was told multiple times to put down the weapon in a city with an African American police chief

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Controversial Crime Economy Employment / Jobs

What is going on at Wells Fargo? Matt Egan with CNN Money has it right, “Everyone hates paying bank fees. But imagine paying fees on a ghost account you didn’t even sign up for. That’s exactly what happened to Wells Fargo customers nationwide.On Thursday, federal regulators said Wells Fargo employees secretly created millions of unauthorized

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Controversial Education Housing Policy

Cal State Los Angeles is offering dorms for black students who want to be separated from the rest of the student body. Higher education has played a key role in bringing together people from diverse ethnic, social economic and culture backgrounds in order to provide the student body with a more rounded perspective of the

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Controversial Crime Latinos Policy

George Soros is one of the nation’s biggest campaign contributors to Democratic causes. In 2016, George Soros has donated and committed more than $25 million to Hillary Clinton and other Democratic candidates and causes. But in addition to straight campaign contributions, Soros is looking to rewrite what he sees as a racial disparity in sentencing

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