Economic Problems In Puerto Rico, Creates A New Political Challenge In Florida

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The $72 billion debt and soaring unemployment in Puerto Rico has accelerated population shift of 11,000 people a year in the 1990s to 48,000 now. According to the Washington Post: This year, with economic problems growing, the number leaving for the mainland is even higher. Florida — particularly the area around Orlando in central Florida —

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Until now, violators have been issued warnings and told to turn around. But this week, the Mexican government announced its intention to crack down on violators. That could mean boats being towed to Ensenada for an administrative process and immediate deportation of the crew and passengers. Although fishing permits long have been required, the federal

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The Los Angeles Times is reporting that we can all expect airline revenues to increase as they begin considering adding more fees. Here are some proposals: A fee that ensures your bag arrives at the baggage carousel before all others; a fee that allows you to exit the plane first; and a fee to put

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The Wall Street Journal: It came slightly ahead of schedule, but Donald Trump ’s inevitable self-immolation arrived on the weekend when he assailed John McCain ’s war record. The question now is how long his political and media apologists on the right will keep pretending he’s a serious candidate. Speaking at a forum in Iowa,

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From The San Francisco Chronicle’s Carla Marinucci: “All my research has shown that the only time that Latino turnout has exceeded expectations is when we have a negative force, when the community is under attack,” says leading state GOP consultant Mike Madrid. He’s an expert on Latino voters, whose turnout remains the lowest of all

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The Hill Reports: Some of the group’s members, which include companies like GE Appliances & Lighting and Whirlpool Corp., tweaked their models to comply with the DOE’s December proposal to ratchet up standards. They then ran standard tests with food stuck to dishes. “They found some stuff that was pretty disgusting,” McAver said. McAver brought

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